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It is a pleasure to invite you to TUoDX, an online and free to join conference organized by a committee from Information Management at Tilburg University. At TUoDX the latest research regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and Digital Transformation is presented and discussed.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the whole world. Nobody was prepared for a situation like this. The pandemic has forced us to take a step towards digital transformation. But what does this transformation mean for our daily lives, our work, and our businesses? Which new factors have emerged and which factors deserve more attention?

During the online conference, these and other questions will be answered along with five topics that concern Covid-19 and Digital Transformation. 

Interested in our topics, the speakers or the latest news concerning TUoDX? Then make sure to keep scrolling! We hope to give you a warm, digital welcome to our conference on January 21st 2021.


Track 1 Cyber Security and Privacy The rise in volume & sophistication of cyberattacks and the rise in parties looking to access data make this topic more relevant than ever. On the one hand side, it is crucial to consider the technological perspective, such as the methods used to protect the data. On the other hand side, the social aspects also need to be considered. How are people affected by the decrease in privacy and how can tech illiterate people protect their data? The COVID-19 crisis is also sparking debate on the topic. Are people more willing to share their data during a crisis situation? How can this data be used securely during the crisis response? Track 2 Business Intelligence & Analytics In order to identify problems, make smarter decisions and be profitable, methods and tools are needed to turn the data into actionable insights. Business intelligence and its subsets—business analytics and data analytics—are all data management solutions used to understand historical and contemporary data and create insights. The right decisions, strategic as well as operational, have to be taken quickly to ensure a high level of quality and productivity. Track 3 Working and Studying from Home Working and studying remotely has not been ‘normal’ to everyone. In the past years, more and more people started working from home. However, this was usually just a few days a week and the majority of the people still were physically present at their job for some amount of time. Nevertheless, when COVID-19 made its entrance, a great part of society was obligated to work and study from home. This caused technology to adjust rapidly in order to fulfil peoples and business’s needs. However, is technology already adjusted enough and how will the future look like? Is the way of working going to change ‘after’ COVID-19 or will people continue to work and study from home? Track 4 The Growing Impact of Big Tech Big Tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Apple have tremendously enhanced and facilitated today’s socio-cultural interaction as well as access to information. Nevertheless, those technological advancements potentially contain drawbacks. These companies can use their users data to determine their thoughts and the way they act, by showing the things they want them to see. This has impact on a lot of political, financial and ethical aspects in the real world. How does this relate to the occurrence of things like conspiracy theories, cyberbullying and the spread of fake news for example? Track 5 E-Commerce Developments & COVID-19 The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated the rise of e-commerce in order to avoid the spread of the virus. E-commerce gives value chains a high degree of organizational and locational flexibility, and firms can purchase intermediate goods and business services on a global basis. The beneficial aspects of this emerging business model have created huge opportunities for firms, customers and suppliers, but what are the side effects? 21 January / Tilburg University FEATURED


21 Januari 2021
Kick off & introduction

Who: Dean Tisem

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Cyber security & privacy – IBM

High-over presentation about cybersecurity & incident response design and necessity – impacted by COVID-19.

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Business intelligence & Analytics – ASML

Diederick on Business intelligence & Analytics

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Tracks dicussion

Track 1: Cyber Security and privacy

Track 2: Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Afternoon introduction

There is a break

E-commerce developments & COVID-19 - ISM

Sander on E-commerce developments & COVID-19

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Working and studying from home - CED

Johan on Working and studying from home

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Tracks dicussion

Track 3: Working and studying from home

Track 4: The growing impact of Big Tech

Track 5: E-commerce developments & COVID-19

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The growing impact of Big Tech – EY

Michiel on the growing impact of Big Tech

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Round up

There is time for networking

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Slide Diederick Edel Business intelligence & Analytics
Creating sustainable value from Data & Analytics at ASML. An overview of the unique semiconductor industry, ASML’s challenges in the D&A space and how we continuously solve them, even during a Global Pandemic.
Slide Johan van der Poel Working and studying from home
The working-from-home experience at CED, with the focus on how CED handled the information management subjects like architecture, processes, organisation and IT systems.
View all speakers IT DIRECTOR - CED
Slide Michiel Timmers The growing impact of Big Tech
Focus on the impact of technology in the contemporary world, with the impact of COVID-19, and the creation of the digital workforce of the future.
Slide Sander Berlinski E-commerce developments & COVID-19
At first glance, the workwear and personal protection industry appears to be a traditional and not too sexy market. Perhaps that was the case, until Proforto decided to shake up the market. This pure player knows how to accelerate growth year-after-year and is well on its way to dominating the Dutch market. But how?
DIGITAL STRATEGIST - ISM View all speakers
Slide Jennifer Wennekers Cyber security & privacy
High-over presentation about cybersecurity & incident response design and necessity – impacted by COVID-19.


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