Who we are

The conference is organized by students from the Pre-Master Information Management at Tilburg University. The theme of the conference is COVID-19 & Digital Transformation with 5 related tracks; Cyber Security and Privacy, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Working and studying from home, The growing impact of Big Tech and E-commerce developments & COVID-19. The students also have to write a paper about one of the 5 given tracks.

Have you ever wondered how the COVID-19 pandemic and information technology are changing our lives in the fields of cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, our jobs, studying, Big Tech and E-commerce? Then you cannot miss the Tilburg University conference on Digital Transformation!

The experience

The COVID-19 health crisis has dramatically changed global trends and markets at an unprecedented rate, and in some cases completely transformed them. There is no doubt that the measures taken by governments around the world to combat the health crisis have accelerated the digital transformation. Nevertheless, many of the long-term consequences of this acceleration are not yet known.

To explore these implications and their effects, a conference will be held. The conference is for all who are interested in the five aforementioned tracks and aims to make the participant aware of the developments in these various fields. Due to COVID-19 a lot has changed within these topics. During the conference these changes are analyzed and translated into opportunities for the future. The goal is to make people more conscious about what is happening right now and about what might happen in the future. Furthermore, the conference is a great platform to meet and come in (online) contact with researchers, experts, professionals and students working in, or interested in the areas that are affected by COVID-19 and digital transformation.

What to expect

During this free, digital event on the 21st of January 2021, several guest speakers will present their experience and findings related to the following hot topics:

Track 1: Cyber Security and privacy

Track 2: Business Intelligence & Analytics

Track 3: Working and studying from home

Track 4: The growing impact of Big Tech

Track 5: E-commerce developments & COVID-19

We welcome professionals, interested students, researchers and others to join and share knowledge! Get your tickets here.

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