Diederick Edel

Data & Analytics consultant

Business intelligence & Analytics – ASML

Creating sustainable value from Data & Analytics at ASML. An overview of the unique semiconductor industry, ASML’s challenges in the D&A space and how we continuously solve them, even during a Global Pandemic.

ASML is an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. ASML provides chipmakers with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon through lithography. ASML is one of the few companies in the world to make machines that can be used to make chips. ASML supplies these machines to major chip makers such as Samsung and Intel. Ultimately, chips made with ASML machines end up in smartphones and computers, as well as cars, planes and household appliances daily used by people all around the world. About 85 percent of the chips in these devices are made with a machine from ASML.

Johan van der Poel

IT director

Working and studying from home - CED

The working-from-home experience at CED, with the focus on how CED handled the information management subjects like architecture, processes, organisation and IT systems. 

CED is a value specialist. Where value can be protected and restored, CED is there. CED is the service provider behind many insurers, property managers, corporates and governments. CED  continuously develops tools with which they strengthen their value chain - and thus the services to the customers. Think of CED Connect, the most advanced and most widely used digital damage platform in the Netherlands. With their drive for innovation and with the use of the internet of things, home automation and robotics, it is their ambition to prevent damage as much as possible and thus maintain and increase the value of property, mobility and vitality.

Sander Berlinski

Digital strategist

E-commerce developments & COVID-19 - ISM

At first glance, the workwear and personal protection industry appears to be a traditional and not too sexy market. Perhaps that was the case, until Proforto decided to shake up the market. This pure player knows how to accelerate growth year-after-year and is well on its way to dominating the Dutch market. But how? Sander Berlinski, Team Lead Strategy at ISM, explains it all during his presentation: "From positioning to personalization and from strategy to execution". 

ISM is a digital commerce agency. ISM works for retailers, brand manufacturers and wholesalers with national and international digital commerce ambitions. The mission of ISM is: “We maximize your digital commerce success”. From developing a future-proof and distinctive digital strategy and setting up product information management systems, to building web shops and online marketing; Since 1992, ISM has been combining marketing with technology to exceed their customers' growth goals.

Jennifer Wennekers

Managing Security Intelligence and Operations Consultant

Cyber security & privacy – IBM

High-over presentation about cybersecurity & incident response design and necessity – impacted by COVID-19.

IBM, also known as Big Blue, is best known to the general public for the first IBM Personal Computer. Now, IBM's core activities include the design and sale of computer hardware, software, technology and services in the IT sector. IBM believes in progress — that the application of intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human conditions.

Michiel Timmers


The growing impact of Big Tech - EY

High-over presentation about the growing impact of Big Tech.

Ernst & Young (EY) provides audit, tax, business risk, technology and security risk services, and human capital services worldwide. The company is one of the Big Four accounting firms.