We hope you have enjoyed yourself on the 21st! We would like to give you the opportunity to relive the conference that took place 6 days ago. Please see all the presentations per track below including a short recap of the highlights and images.

Cyber Security and Privacy - IBM - Jennifer Wennekers

Jennifer Wennekers who has over 10 years of experience in the IT-industry, informed the attendees about the latest trends and developments regarding Cyber Defence and SecOps. She also explained what drives her and what her day to day operations are as a Cyber Security consultant.

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Business intelligence & Analytics - ASML - Diederick Edel

Diederick Edel from ASML shared his knowledge about Business Intelligence and Analytics. He also invited Maud Diepstraten (ASML) and Ruud van Elk (PSV) to tell us more about the partnership between ASML and PSV and the use of Business Intelligence and Analytics.

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Tracks presentations and discussions

Cyber security & privacy: ‘An exploratory view on the use of blockchain as cybersecurity tool in remotely working environments’

A group of three students shared their findings on the use of blockchain as a cyber security tool during the pandemic.

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Business intelligence & analytics: ‘Decision Support Systems and Sustainable Competitive Advantage during a disruptive event.’

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The group that consists of four students (Bob Mooren, Jelle Hess, Rick van Gisbergen, Tom van de Pol) shared their recently discovered results from their research on the use of Decision support systems in Dutch manufacturing firms during a disruptive event.


E-commerce developments & COVID-19 - ISM - Sander Berlinski

Digital Commerce Strategist at ISM eCompany, Sander Berlinski, discussed what is involved in running a business in the e-commerce world. With over 28 years of experience in digital commerce, ISM eCompany is a recognised company in this field.  By means of various tactics and methods, he explained how a company can reach and serve its target group. With the increased growth of e-commerce as a result of the pandemic, it is especially important to serve the online market, and Sander has shown how to maximise its potential.

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Working and studying from home - CED - Johan van der Poel

Johan van der Poel, IT Director at CED, explained how he managed the digital transformation at CED: from a cleanup in the application landscape to implementing a cloud-only policy. Suddenly, during this digital transformation, COVID-19 came around the corner. Johan shared his experience with ensuring the safety of the employees and how CED could adapt to this unusual situation. Last but not least, CED sought for possible opportunities: they assisted the GGD (the Dutch health organization) with a call center, which is now the largest in the Netherlands with 10.000 employees.

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Track presentations and discussions

Working & studying from home: ‘Students’ perspective on the integration of chatbots in higher education’

Four students (Matthijs Toussaint, Ziyad El-Mouniri, Jonathan van der Zanden, Danny van Puffelen) have researched the students’ perspective on the integration of chatbots in higher education. The group shared their results, with the focus on how remote education, which is the new standard during COVID-19, has an impact on the relationship between chatbot characteristics and the acceptance level of students.

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The growing impact of Big Tech: ‘Big Tech Disruption: The changing role of the traditional bank’

A group of three students (Friso, Maarten and Natan) shared their knowledge about Big Tech Disruption. They conducted research on this subject which focussed on the changing role of the traditional bank. During the conference, they informed us about their discovered results of their research.

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E-commerce developments & COVID-19: ‘Using IT capabilities to improve organizational agility’

On behalf of their group, Moussa and Danny explained the research results of their paper for the e-commerce track, which focussed on the relationship between IT capabilities and organizational agility of e-commerce businesses. They also showed which theories and methods they used to conduct the research.

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The growing impact of Big tech - Michiel Timmers - EY

Michiel Timmers works at EY as a Technology consultant and he shared his knowledge about Big Tech. He gave a brief explanation of what Big Tech really is. To give a more concrete explanation of Big Tech he gave a practical example: “The rise of the robot” and told us about his thesis from last year where he researched automated journalism.

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Round up

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At the end of the Conference, Kenny Meesters gave an inspiring speech about the achievements that the students have achieved in such a difficult time. The students have proven themselves to be agile, competent and disciplined to continue with the Information Management Master next semester.

We want to thank everyone for their active participation during the conference. Besides that, we want to thank the speakers from IBM, ASML, ISM, CED and EY for their interesting presentations. Last but not least, we want to thank Kenny for giving us the opportunity and freedom to organise an event like this.

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