Only two days left until the conference! To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the 21st, we provide you with a brief guide in this newsletter to prevent you from running into any (technical) problems. Last but not least, find out at what time your favorite speaker is taking the (virtual) stage in the conference program!

How can you join the conference online and how to prepare?

The conference will be held via ZOOM. Make sure you have downloaded ZOOM before the start. You can click this link to join the conference.

You can decide when you want to join at any moment that day between 9:00 - 16:35.

For example: you can decide to join at 13:00 and stay for the rest of the day.

Make sure that you find a comfortable room/place and provide yourself with something to eat and drink to make you feel at home (literally). Feel free to ask questions during the conference via the private chat or group chat. It is not possible to turn on your microphone to ask questions.


We have a full day of different guest speakers, presentations from and discussions with Premaster students Information Management from Tilburg University.

You can join at any moment:

09:00 - Kick off & introduction

09:15 - Cyber Security and Privacy - IBM - Jennifer Wennekers

10:15 - Business intelligence & Analytics - ASML - Diederick Edel

11:10 - Tracks presentations and discussions

  • Cyber security & privacy: ‘An exploratory view on the use of blockchain as cybersecurity tool in remotely working environments’
  • Business intelligence & analytics: ‘Decision Support Systems and Sustainable Competitive Advantage during a disruptive event.’

12:15 - Lunch

12:45 - Afternoon introduction

13:00 - E-commerce developments & COVID-19 - ISM - Sander Berlinski

13:50 - Working and studying from home - CED - Johan van der Poel

14:45 - Tracks presentations and discussions

  • Working & studying from home: ‘Students’ perspective on the integration of chatbots in higher education’
  • The growing impact of Big Tech: ‘Big Tech Disruption: The changing role of the traditional bank’
  • E-commerce developments & COVID-19: ‘Using IT capabilities to improve organizational agility’

16:35 - Round op

During the conference:

  • Make sure there are no privacy-sensitive or distracting objects in the background.
  • Find a quiet room where you will be undisturbed
  • Test your internet connection, audio and video equipment in advance. If you can’t resolve any technical issues, please contact us at: or WhatsApp: +31 6 49923858

  • Get acquainted with the basic “netiquette” rules:
    • Keep your microphone muted during the entire conference.
    • If you have a question, feel free to ask it in the private or group chat.

For more information about the conference. Check the latest news updates on:

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